Deposed Raider Coach Directed Players By Phone?

As we mentioned yesterday in SbB Live, former Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson is now cooperating with police concerning an incident in the preseason when head coach Tom Cable allegedly slugged him and broke his jaw. Let’s see how many flying monkeys Al Davis dispatches to try and make this one go away.

Randy Hanson, Tom Cable

We pretty much knew this had to be coming at some point. But what really amused me from the NFL.COM report is that, evidently, after Hanson was fired and banned from the premises, some Raiders players smuggled him a team laptop, and Hanson continued to help coach them by phone. Ha ha. Wow.

This has gone way beyond your garden variety of dysfunction, folks. With the debacle against visiting Denver on Sunday, Richard Seymour simmering angrily in a corner and perhaps the worst quarterback in the NFL at the helm, this team is ready to blow. We’re talking Hurt Locker.


(Attorney John) McGuinn said that despite Hanson being barred from the Raiders facility, several players have continued to reach out to the coach and solicit his advice. McGuinn said players managed to get him a team laptop that previously belonged to Willie Brown, with the defensive backs in particular hoping he could help with game plans and give them tips.

Said McGuinn: “Before their last preseason game several players contacted Randy and said they needed help. They said, ‘If we get you a computer can you help us come up with some tips?’ Randy worked with them and they played really well in that game, particularly the defensive backs.

“So the guys asked him to do it again and he met with them before the Monday night game in San Diego (Sept. 14), and the defensive backs played well again. (Owner) Al Davis doesn’t know (Hanson has) been providing detailed coaching for these guys, and Randy has not gotten any credit for it.”

Hanson was interviewed by Napa detectives for 90 minutes on Friday, and also turned over his medical records to the police, according to McGuinn. Other coaches who were in te room at the time of the alleged incident have also been interviewed, and the DA’s office has yet to decide if charges will be filed.

I’d be surprised if they declined to prosecute. While the whole thing could be delayed until the off-season, something is bound to happen — it’s an assault charge resulting in serious injury.

The NFL is also investigating the incident (picture a glacier inching across Greenland here).

Now let’s take a look at the upcoming schedule. After playing at Houston and the New York Giants, the Raiders are at home against the Eagles and Jets, and then play at San Diego. A 1-7 record at the halfway point is a very real possibility. And as you know, the Raiders are always the most fun when extremely good or extremely bad.

Oh, also expect Al to show up at Hanson’s house demanding that laptop back. Those things aren’t cheap.