Davenport Dumping NFL For Career In Modeling?

Najeh Davenport is looking for work. The former Steelers & Packers running back saw his NFL employment status go down the drain when he was released by the Colts back in January. And after 7 years in the league, Najeh may be ready to flush away his pro football career to devote more time to his true love - modeling.

Najeh Davenport model

MONDESI’S HOUSE has the poop on Davenport’s attempted foray into the world of photoshoots & fashion sense. As you can see in the photo above, he’s serious about his new career. (Or he’s falling asleep. Don’t crap out on us, Najeh!) But don’t take our word for it - let’s hear it from Dookie himself.

As posted on his MODEL MAYHEM profile:

I’ve been a professional athlete for the pass 7 years, and right now this is the next stage. I really hope to learn the business from meeting more people through the site, to help me further my career.

And MH pretty well sums up Najeh’s previous stage:

His final totals: 73 games, 394 carries, 1819 yards rushing, 16 touchdowns, and one poop joke that bloggers simply refuse to retire. He will be missed from the NFL community.

Only one poop joke? I count at least five in this post alone - six, if you include the headline.

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