Darrent Williams’ Killer Gives Letter Confession?

Darrent Williams’ killer allegedly wrote a letter to a gang leader, telling him that he would not admit to the 2007 murder and confirming that he fired the shots. That letter was allegedly intercepted by a fellow inmate and delivered to the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS in hopes of collecting part or all of the $100,000 reward offered by the Denver Broncos for information regarding the slaying.

Darrent Williams

The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS called in a handwriting expert to apparently confirm the letter came from the hand of Willie Clark, in jail pending drug charges and one suspect in the unsolved murder. The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS convinced the unnamed source that brought them the letter to allow prosecutors to take the letter.

He now lives out of state, moved by authorities, and refuses to testify until money comes from the Broncos or the state’s attorney’s office to also move his family to safety.

And now more about why it took so long to get this seemingly crucial piece of evidence and how the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS was possibly involved with that delay:

The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS provides an excruciatingly detailed breakdown of the timeline of this letter from its abduction from jail through the source/prisoner’s release to its arrival at their doorstep and into the hands of prosecutors. However, we found this passage oddly vague:

“The source contacted the Rocky in early 2008, after he was released, asking to meet with a reporter. At the time, he did not mention the Darrent Williams murder.

In April, the source said he had information about the killing. In a meeting, he said he had intercepted and copied a letter that seemed to implicate Clark.”

This would seem to imply that the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS received a tip months before they acted on it because the tipster didn’t make his request for a reporter’s time sexy enough by name-dropping the famed unsolved crime. Therefore, it was ignored until he called again and explained exactly how juicy his story was.

We are, of course, open to additional explanation that clarifies this statement as an ongoing conversation and not simply a phone call blown off by a busy reporting team receiving all kinds of errant unsolicited tips.