Dana White Loses Reality Show Over Hate Speech

Alex Marvez of FoxSports.com reports this week that Dana White’s vicious, slur-filled rant against MMA writer Loretta Hunt and gays has “already has proven costly to White, a part-UFC owner who helped turn a money-losing promotion into a burgeoning sports entity.”

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

(Next up: UFC loses mega Anheuser-Busch ad deal?)


White already has reportedly pulled out of a reality show that was going to be based on his life. White, who has positioned himself as the high-profile face of the UFC, also is believed to have stopped his video blog.

It’s about damn time.¬† And the pressure on White is continuing as the L.A. TIMES is now reporting that the Assn. of Women in Sports Media is demanding White’s superiors at the UFC, Las Vegas casino owners Lorenzo Fertitta and his brother¬† Frank, “take action” against him.

Remember White gave a (backhanded) apology to the gay community  after his fbomb-fest, but reiterated his ugly stance toward Hunt.

Hunt herself has not demanded an apology from White, which is curious considering White has personally blocked her from acquiring press credentials for UFC events since 2005.

So what would she have to lose by going after White now?!

Meanwhile, the Fertittas have been silent through White’s public relations debacle, which gives off the impression, fair or not, that they are endorsing White’s behavior.

If White doesn’t apologize to Hunt for his inexcusable language, I wonder what the next shoe will be to drop.

I’m guessing the UFC’s monster advertising deal with Anheuser-Busch, which was hailed when it was consumated as validating the MMA operation as a legitimate, mainstream sports entity. To many before that, UFC/MMA was still viewed as an underground, questionable enterprise.

Right now, with the Ferttitas refusing to reprimand White and White refusing to apologize to Hunt, that ad agreement with A-B clearly isn’t in jeopardy. But if those two parties all of a sudden have a change of heart, you can bet the prospect of losing deals that generate big bucks for UFC - like the Bud deal - will be reason behind it.

If I was running the Assn. of Women in Sports Media and I couldnt procure an apology from White, my next phone called would be to St. Louis.

Stay tuned.