Dana Jacobson Says No ESPN Makeup Artist Costing Her Two Hours Prep Time

WOODY PAIGE’S LONG SHADOW CASTS PALL OVER BRISTOL: The MARTINSVILLE (IN) REPORTER-TIMES reports some shocking news today: ESPN reporter Dana Jacobson told a group of Indiana University students this week that lack of a makeup artist at ESPN’s Bristol studios is hurting the job she does on ESPN2’s ‘First Take’.

Dana Jacobsen

Excerpt: “With the mostly male cast, Jacobson said that as a woman, sometimes it was difficult to get simple things like makeup and her hair done. While the first incarnation of ‘First Take‘ - ‘Cold Pizza’ - was based in New York City, after it was reborn as ‘First Take’ in Connecticut, things changed.

Dana Jacobsen Jamie Mottram

In New York, she had her own hair and makeup people. During those two hours, she gained valuable prep time for upcoming interviews and segments on the show.

Woody Paige Rita Ragone

We find Jacobsen’s confirmation of a lack of an on-set stylist curious considering the WWL sh**canned Woody Paige from the morning show some time ago (somewhere Woody is snickering into his 11am MT martini).