Damning Video: Miles Calls For Spike, Then Denies

WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge shot on-field video from the end zone of Vaught-Hemingway stadium at Oxford, MS last night clearly showing Les Miles repeatedly signaling to LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson to spike (”clock“) the ball¬† with :01 left against Ole Miss.

Les Miles Calls For Spike Then Denies He Did To Media After Game

The above animation shows only one instance of Miles’ gesture. He made the same signal multiple times, sometimes with both hands, while running down the sideline.

Was Les Miles signaling to QB Jordan Jefferson to spike the ball with :01 left?

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After the game, Miles claimed he did not tell LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson to spike the ball. 

Miles: “I do not know who told him (Jordan Jefferson) to clock (spike) it.

See for yourself:

Ugly stuff and really hurts Miles’ credibility. It will be interesting to see if he fesses up to the media during his next public appearance, most likely today or at the latest, Monday.