Curl Up With A Nude ‘Women of Curling’ Calendar

Curling is one of those sports that grabs America’s attention only about once every four years. People watching the Winter Olympics usually come across it at 3 a.m. while flipping through CNBC or MSNBC. They tune in for a few minutes, laugh at the guys maniacally sweeping their brooms on the ice, and continue changing channels until they come across an infomercial for “Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts”.

Women of Curling nude

However, a group of women curlers want to guarantee that their sport is on the minds of male fans throughout the whole year - by offering a nude calendar featuring the finest of the female curling community.

The OTTAWA SUN slides over the news that the “Women of Curling” calendar is on sale now - 16 months of curling cuties caught without their clothes on.

Chrissy Cadorin, one of two Canadians who posed for the calendar, says it’s a chance to help promote her sport, even if it means doing it in unconventional ways:

“Oh, I’m hip,” a laughing Cadorin said. “There is a wide variety of women who do curl and are athletic within the sport.”

The 2008-09 calendar is actually the third edition to be published. Christine Keshen, the other Canadian poser, appeared in the 2007 edition, and promises this year’s calendar won’t disappoint. As she tells the CALGARY HERALD:

“I think this one is more risque, in my personal opinion,” said a laughing Keshen. “But my boyfriend thinks it’s great. He’s the boy, he’s the expert.”

Better yet, proceeds from the calendar sales go to the curlers’ choice of charities. So if the wife or girlfriend comes across it, you can say you bought it for a good cause - and to help better understand such a misunderstood sport.

Women of Curling nude calendar cover

Convinced? Then order your copy here.