Cue Up The Brass Bonanza: Hartford Back In NHL?

For many hockey fans, the league would never - and could never - be the same after the Hartford Whalers skated out of town and became the Carolina Generics Hurricanes. Gone was the kitsch of a small-market team with one of the best logos in pro sports history, and in its place was just another franchise in a market with all the tradition, character, and charm of your local Applebee’s.

Hartford Whales Logo
(Best logo ever? No, that’s the 1980s Milwaukee Brewers. This is #2.)

But according to the HARTFORD COURANT, the dream may not be dead, as Mayor Eddie Perez and the city are in talks with commissioner Gary Bettman and the NHL about bringing a franchise back to the city. There’s no indication that they’d bring back the Whalers name, but there’s no talk that they wouldn’t, either. Hey, if the Cleveland Browns can do it (and this is the only time you ever want to do something like the Browns), then why not the Whalers, eh? But unsurprisingly, there are hurdles to be leapt:

City and state officials have long agreed that major league hockey would need a new arena to replace the city-owned XL Center to entice it to Hartford. In the press release, Perez said that the meeting was a good chance for him to tell Bettman that Hartford still wants an NHL team. But he noted that “difficult financial times” mean that it would take “a considerable amount of work” to make an arena a reality.

Hey, “a considerable amount of work” is way, way better than “impossible.” And - one would imagine - the recession won’t last forever, so it would be wise for the businessmen to not confuse “not now” with “never.” The return is the goal, and the goal is the first step. So without further ado, let’s cue up the Whalers’ legendary theme song, Brass Bonanza:

Sexy, no? Yes, it is sexy. Carmen Electra can prove it:

We’ll leave you alone with that last video for a while. You’re welcome.