Sexy Soccer Gals Can Make Euro Fans Cross-Eyed

Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers? AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE comes across this cool close-up of a cross-eyed Swiss soccer fan.

Swiss soccer fan cross eyed contact lenses

And today, many more Switzerland supporters are just as red-eyed, as their team has been knocked out of Euro 2008.

Or course, what soccer photo album would be complete without some sexy shots of the fine female fans from foreign lands?

Like this princess from Portugal:

Euro 2008 Portugal girl

(More photos after the jump.)

Or these delectable Deutchland darlings:

Euro 2008 Germany girls

And this angel of orange hollering for Holland:

Euro 2008 Holland girl

Seeing such scintillating sights must have been too much for this Croatian soccer fan, who sadly died right before his country upset Germany 2-1.

But let’s not end this article on a down note. How about one more precious pic, featuring a fellow Croat who’s quite a cutie:

Euro 2008 Croatia girl

More vixens can be viewed at MACHOCHIP and EURO2008GIRLS.COM.

(Special sporty thanks to WITH LEATHER)