Craig Kilborn Is Getting Back Into TV (If He’ll Fit)

Bill Carter of the NEW YORK TIMES reports today that former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Craig Kilborn has been tapped to host an “early evening” talk show to be syndicated across owned & operated Fox television stations.

An Expansive Look At The New Craig Kilborn

(Kilborn’s brand-new, expansive look)

Carter notes the “show is likely to get a trial run on local stations owned by Fox this summer.

So if you don’t live in a city where there’s one of those 17 Fox O & Os, you’re SOL. (Good Evening, Ocala!)

The show’s producer described the production in memo obtained by Carter as a combination talk show-”nonpolitical ‘Daily Show.’

Sounds like the same format as Kilborn’s last iteration of the Late Late Show. Standup, chat host and prompter jockey. Though wouldn’t be surprised to see the standup go. It was little more than a formality by the time Kilborn quit CBS in 2004.

More from Carter on the show:

It could potentially be a daytime entry, along the lines of similar syndicated entertainment shows like the one hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

It’s no secret that Kilborn was forever frustrated hosting the Triple-A late night show on CBS.

Though what was obviously lost on Kilborn at the time was that with his talent, had he focused on his craft and not the fame he didn’t have, he could’ve created a lot more career opps for himself with the nightly platform.

Instead, in ‘04 his ego got the best of him when he quit what is still a reasonably prime gig.

So dude waited six years to be a dinner hour answer to Ellen on 17 Fox stations?

Forget Triple-A. Hello D-League.