Cowboys Band Together To Make Mad Metal Music

A couple of Dallas Cowboys are putting the “heavy” in “heavy metal”.

Free Reign Dallas Cowboys band

Meet Free Reign, a rock ‘n’ roll group comprised of current Cowboys Marc Columbo (lead vocals & guitar/right tackle, 6′8″, 315 lbs.), Leonard Davis (bass/right guard, 6′ 6″, 354 lbs.) and Cory Proctor (drums/center, 6′ 4″, 297 lbs.). Joined by Davis’ former high school teammate Justin Chapman on lead guitar, these big boys want to make a big splash on the Metroplex music scene.

Todd Archer of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS goes behind the music to uncover the origins of these football-fueled rockers:

Colombo started playing guitar in college and was in a band for a spell in Chicago when he played for the Bears. Procter started playing drums in high school, and Chapman did the same with guitar. Davis only began playing bass about six months ago.

Colombo & Proctor are the original founders of Free Reign, having set up a mini-set in the Cowboys locker room last season. Hearing such metal melodies convinced Davis to join up - and to finally learn how to play the bass his wife gave him a couple of years ago. Chapman came in after hearing the band over the winter.

So, what do they sound like? Well, you can find out for yourself tonight, as Free Reign makes its debut at Dallas’ Granada Theater. Or if you can’t make it to the show, you can smash & thrash to some song samples on their MySpace page.

After tonight’s gig, will Marc, Leonard & Cory be ready to trade in their playbooks for set lists?  It doesn’t sound like it:

“We made a pact when we started the band that football is first, and we’ll see what we can do,” Colombo said. “We get together on the weekends, and you learn to work really fast musically because football is so time-consuming. We’re keeping our goals general right now. We want to write an album before training camp.”

Rock on! Good luck to Free Reign, and may their reign remain free. But it will be hard to top the best NFL-music conglomeration ever: