Hart’s 2-Yr-Old Daughter Gets Caught In Beer Bath

We earlier informed you that Corey Hart claimed the last NL All-Star roster spot on Thursday, beating out a plethora of opponents. And when news came out about Hart’s selection, his happy Brewers teammates naturally ran in to the press room and gave Corey a beer bath.

The only problem - he was holding his 2-year-old daughter at the time.

Corey Hart two year old daughter Ryleigh

The precious pigtailed cutie in Hart’s lap is the outfielder’s little girl, Ryleigh. Corey was chatting with a few members of the media when word came down that he was heading for Yankee Stadium. All of the sudden, a dozen boys of the Brew Crew came charging in with beer bottles at the ready.

(Video of the sudsy celebration is after the jump.)

(A toast to AWFUL ANNOUNCING for pitching up the clip)

And poor Ryleigh was caught in the middle. But Daddy did the best he could to protect his precocious young’un. From MLB.COM:

“I was just trying to cover Ryleigh’s eyes,” Hart said with a smile. “I think the guys scared her a little bit, but it’s all good. It was pretty exciting.”

Corey Hart protecting daughter from beer bath

(Never Surrender, Ryleigh!)

Poor kid. Hope this experience doesn’t scare her away from beer for the rest of her life. (Actually, that might be a good thing.)

However, at least one of Hart’s kids seemed to enjoy the impromptu beer bathing. Off camera, Corey’s 3-year-old son Matthew was trying to share a taste of the spray from his dad’s All-Star triumph:

“I think he liked it,” Hart cracked. “He had his head tipped back and was trying to drink, and now he’s running around right now licking his lips. He basically lives in the clubhouse, so he can take it.”

But remember, Matthew - always drink responsibly. And don’t go operating any heavy machinery, like a Big Wheel or a Slip ‘n’ Slide.

As for the celebratory alcohol, that had better have been Miller beer shooting out from the Brewers players’ hands, or Milwaukee’s baseball management will have some explaining to do to their ballpark sponsor.