Cops Caught Clubbing ECU Fans After WVU Win

It was a super Saturday for East Carolina fans. Not only was Greenville spared of any hurricane destruction, but their pigskin Pirates blew away then 8th-ranked West Virginia 24-3. (Which means we can be promised more quips from Rece Davis about the “Fightin’ Skip Holtzes“.)

East Carolina fans after West Virginia win

As ecstatic ECU fans stormed the field, some of the policemen present at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium purpotedly got caught up in the excitement - and started clubbing & punching some of the celebrators (with video goodness after the jump).

USA TODAY reports that the University is investigating claims of “excessive force” used by the stadium cops on the fans:

ECU is reviewing complaints that some fans in the sellout crowd of 43,610 were struck or thrown to the ground by officers. Investigators are interviewing witnesses and evaluating “several videos from several sources,” (ECU Police Chief Scott) Shelton said. He would not comment on which officers, if any, had been implicated, but said he hopes to address the most serious allegations in the next two days.

Here’s two of such videos showing security laying down the unnecessary smackdown. In this first short one, keep your eye on the lower right corner:

And in this longer clip, the beatings commence about 25 seconds in:

(Thanks to THE WIZ OF ODDS for both violent videos.)

Complicating matters for ECU are the numerous law enforcement agencies that are brought in to pummel protect the public during Pirates games:

The ECU force is augmented at football games by members of the Greenville Police Department, Pitt County Sheriff’s office, Winterville Police Department, Kinston Police Department and Lenoir County Sheriff’s office. In addition, North Carolina state police officers assist in traffic control and on-field security for coach Skip Holtz.

That’s a whole lot of Dunkin’ Donuts. Even so, Chief Shelton says he wants to get to the bottom of this brutality. From WNCT-TV:

“There’s no denying what you saw on film was sickening in nature, now what we have to do is make sure that we do a thorough investigation and find out, not what the person did for him to be taken to the ground, but why the punches were thrown,” Shelton says.

Are they sure members of the Morgantown P.D. weren’t there by mistake?

But there is a silver lining to this cop-clubbing cloud. With the Mountaineer mauling & last week’s vanquishing of Virginia Tech, ECU is now ranked 14th in this week’s AP poll. So, any pulverized Pirates fans can take comfort in knowing that their vicious beatings weren’t in vain.