Coors Light Boots Budweiser To Become Official NASCAR Beer

COORS LIGHT BEATS BUD TO BECOME NASCAR’S BIG BREW: The suds are no longer Buds at the track, as Coors Light has signed on to become the official beer of NASCAR.

Coors NASCAR 1987

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports that Coors Brewing and the racing organization have signed a 5-year, $20 Million deal for the Colorado-based beverage to be the exclusive sponsor of all things NASCAR next season.

The new agreement means it’s all gone down the drain for Budweiser, who previously held the pilsner pole position since 1998. It’s the latest blown gasket for the Anheuser- Busch brew, which earlier lost its sponsorship of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car.

Baby drinking Bud Light

Sounds like some suits in St. Louis need a drink.