College Point Guard Scores 60 Points In A Loss

In general, we try to mix things up among the sports here, but occasionally there are bizarre story lines so compelling you feel like you have to write about college basketball or football for a couple of hours. Stories like a college basketball player at an obscure state university dropping 60 points on an opponent on a neutral court … and watching his team lose the game.

ben woodside

(Yup. That’s your 60 point scorer on the right.)

That’s exactly what happened Friday night at Drake University’s Hy-Vee Classic (random aside: Drake University deserves to host a college basketball classic? Are we sure? The only classic things we can connect with Drake are bad coffee cakes and a Seinfeld episode), where North Dakota State’s Ben Woodside scored an even 60 points in the Bisons’ 112-111, triple-overtime loss to similar obscure state school Stephen F. Austin (that’s in Nachodoches, Texas, for those who might be curious). See, these are the schools you play with when Drake hosts a “classic”, even though this ended up being incredibly compelling.

You’re probably assuming that Woodside is a streaky three-point shooter who decided the Drake nets were the best he’s ever seen, but that’d be wrong. He’s actually a 5-11, banger of a point guard who shot only six threes throughout the 55-minute hoops extravaganza … and he only hit two of them.

Instead, Woodside just shot a ton of free throws — 35 to be exact — and hit 30 of them, proving once again that there’s a spot in some college basketball program for whoever wins the Pee Wee free throw contest. There always is.

Oh, and as RUSH THE COURT points out, Woodside also finished with a whopping eight assists, which means he was responsible for at least 76 of NDSU’s (it’s fun writing that, not going to lie) 111 points. That’s roughly 69 percent of his team’s points, for those of you who might not be sitting at a computer waiting to crunch statistics on a Saturday night.

If that’s not enough to make you an honorary Ben Woodside and North Dakota State fan for the rest of the year, well, we don’t blame you. But we’re convinced. Quite frankly, we just want another excuse to write “NDSU” multiple times. Also, we’ll promise not to use “quite frankly” again unless we’re mocking Stephen A. Smith for the rest of the calendar year. Sorry about that. You’re welcome, in advance.

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