Colin Cowherd Is A Woman Trapped Inside A Mans Body

COLIN COWHERD = WOMAN TRAPPED INSIDE A MAN’S BODY: Today while attempting to pick up a fallen CD in our Astro minivan, we actually bumped the radio from our then-current music selection to AM radio. And lo and behold, we heard Colin “Schrutebag” Cowherd, our favorite woman-trapped-inside-a-man’s-body AM radio celebrity!

Colin Cowherd Borat

For the 30 seconds we listened, Schrutebag talked about why the Yankees should fire Joe Torre immediately, ‘else lose credibility with the fans. She (He) noted that if George Steinbrenner didn’t make a decisive move, the organization would be “hammered” by newspapers and other media.

Colin Cowherd

But much to our relief, he added that the Yankees shouldn’t worry about reax on the internet: “It’s not that big deal with the blogs because they really have no influence“.

Colin Cowherd The Big Lead

Right on, no wonder he went on the air and begged listeners to help him shut down (which had justifiably criticized him for stealing material from bloggers for his show), breaking federal law. And then was forced to apologize on-air after he was emasculated by ESPN management for his felonious act. Yep, sports blogs “really have no influence“.