Colin Cowherd Divorce Final Shrutebag Picking Up At Spinning Classes

COWHERD UNITARD ROCKS THE LADIES AT SPINNING CLASS: THE BIG LEAD has a public service announcment for the testosterone-challenged husbands of Central Connecticut: “A little birdie told us that Cowturd’s divorce was finalized this morning. Another birdie told us to pass along to our readers that if your wife is taking a spinning class at the gym, be wary of Cowturd’s advances.

Colin Cowherd Borat

Apparently, that’s where he makes his move. All you Connecticut guys in the house - make sure you go to the gym with your girl. Just a little public service announcement on this slow Friday afternoon.

Colin Cowherd The Big Lead

That’s strange, a restaurant industry source told us that Cowherd actually makes his move at the Hartford-area Roy Rogers chili bar.