CCU’s Golfers Are Just Like Their Football Team

On almost every college campus, the football players are the BMOCs, and I would suspect that the atmosphere is no different at Coastal Carolina University is no different than any place else. So we shouldn’t be that surprised that members of their men’s golf team decided to copy the cool kids by going out and getting arrested.

New Coastal Carolina golf logo?

You might remember the Chanticleers’ football team for trying to keep up arrest-for-arrest with Penn State leading up to their game earlier this season. The MYRTLE BEACH SUN NEWS reports that three members of the golf team have gotten in on the fun, having been written up for alcohol charges after a traffic stop on Saturday. And yes, this is a story that involves drunk golfers in the South, but no, John Daly was not driving.

The three players, ranging in ages from 18-20, were in a car that was pulled over for speeding early Saturday morning. When cops pulled them and smelled alcohol on their breath, and then found empty beers cans (with a case in the trunk) and an open bottle of wine.

Wine? WINE?!? Any hopes these kids had that their arrest would make them just like the cool football players just went out the window with that news. I just hope it was a bottle of Thunderbird or Night Train, but since these are golfers it was probably a vintage 1998 merlot from Napa Valley. Getting caught with an open bottle of wine is about the most girlie thing you can get arrested for. They might as well have been mixing Cosmopolitans in the car as well.

The arrests put a damper on what should have been a banner weekend for Coastal Carolina’s golf team: former player Dustin Johnson picked up his first career PGA Tour event that same weekend. Maybe his fellow Chanticleers were out celebrating his position after two rounds? I hope the drunk tank in Myrtle Beach had The Golf Channel so they could watch the next day.

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