Claudia Porras: Newest Bikini Pics Of B-Ball Babe

We’re happy with all the success Claudia Porras achieved with the UTEP women’s basketball team this season - a Conference USA regular season championship, an undefeated conference slate, and advancing to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Claudia Porras basketball gown

But what makes us more proud is bouncing up some new photos of Claudia, further presenting Porras as the model player she still is. More magical pics of the Bolivian b-ball bikini beauty after the jump.

This will definitely step up efforts to save the rainforests:

Claudia Porras

What a beautiful day at the beach - and the weather looks good, too:

Claudia Porras

OK, we’re pretty much speechless on this one:

Claudia Porras

Whichever WNBA team signs Claudia up, we’re getting season tickets immediately. Courtside seats, even.