Christine Daniels Transsexual Sportswriter Not Sure About Surgery Or Sexual Orientation

DANIELS NOT SURE ABOUT SURGERY OR SEX ORIENTATION: LOS ANGELES TIMES transsexual sportswriter Christine Daniels spoke to Steve Mason and John Ireland, hosts of KSPN-AM’s “Big Show”, yesterday and she addressed some questions most of us have about her transition from a male Mike Penner to a female Christine Daniels.

Christine Daniels Photo Mike Penner Los Angeles Times

Three brief responses from Daniels from the interview (with audio links from KSPN-AM):

1) On if she is going to have surgery as part of her gender reassignment: “Nowhere did I say I was having surgery. The term ‘transition’ is not synonymous with surgery. Transition is defined as living and working full-time in your preferred gender. And that could mean surgery it or may not mean surgery. It usually means hormones. It certain means electrolysis.” (audio clip)

2) On whether she is attracted to men or women: “I don’t know yet. The needle’s kind of moving. Gender identity and sexual orientation are totally different things and I have trans friends who’ve gone through the whole transition process and they go into it attracted to women. Then they go through the hormones and surgery and they’re still attracted to women.” (audio clip)

3) On when she knew he was meant to be a female: “When I was four or five, I knew I was different and I was envious of girls and thought I would like to be one. At the same time I just felt very uncomfortable in the male role and was very shy, extremely shy. I didn’t like to fight and wasn’t really interested in sports until I was 11.” (audio clip)

In all three interviews Daniels has conducted on radio, she has not been asked about her wife, L.A. Times sportswriter Lisa Dillman. The two are divorcing and SbB has learned that Daniels will only appear on shows that agree not to ask about her marriage to Dillman and their pending divorce.