Chris Cooley Sorry For Showing Special Little Guy

Chris Cooley is sorry for accidentally posting pics of his penis online - but not as sorry as we are for seeing it.

Chris Cooley short shorts

(OK, last shot we’ll show of Chris Cooley in short shorts - we promise)

• Turns out DeSean Jackson’s penchant for celebrating TDs prematurely is nothing new.

• Meanwhile, Tony Kornheiser celebrates NFL Hispanic Heritage Month in his own special linguistic way.

Lane Kiffin is still the Raiders’ coach (as of this writing). But if Al Davis does ditch him, Lane could secure employment in Syracuse.

• Maybe Charger fans can take some small consolation knowing that ref Ed Hochuli has been downgraded by the NFL.

• C is for cookie, that’s good enough for Dwyane Wade.

Jeff Foxworthy is deemed Fox-worthy enough to produce an animated series for the network featuring a dysfunctional NASCAR family.

Alicia Sacramone jumps at the chance to be shortstop Jed Lowrie’s special guest at a Red Sox game.

Tony Bruno is back on the air, thanks to the group that syndicates Dan Patrick’s radio show.

Jonathan Papelbon is not a machine! He’s a human being!

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