Chris Cooley Is Sorry For Posting His Junk Online

Redskins tight end Chris Cooley loves blogging. He also loves being nude, apparently. But when his two favorite hobbies outside of football and staring at his wife are combined, bad things happen. Very, very bad things.

Chris Cooley

This weekend, the internet was abuzz as news of Chris Cooley’s peeper made its way through the series of tubes. Funny story: yeah, Cooley didn’t mean to take a picture of his junk and post it on his blog. You know, because that coulda happened to anybody.

Cooley explains:

All apologies from the website. We are very sorry that we showed a penis on our website all day yesterday. That was by no means our intention and we did not want to offend anyone. The picture wouldn’t have been up for so long, but we were in the middle of winning a big game. Once again, this was a complete accident and we regret not reviewing the post more closely. Thanks.

Wait a second, you’re telling me Cooley left his house Sunday morning knowing full well his stuff was plastered on the front page of his blog? And he didn’t think to temporarily remove the post during halftime of the Redskins-Saints game? That, people, is a commitment to excellence. Or just somebody who probably has way too much time on his hands.

Chris, some advice from one blogger to another: look at your wife. She loves you because you have a great personality, are very handsome, and almost certainly because you weren’t blogging when you first started dating. Bloggers are losers, man — don’t mess up a good thing for that. And put on some pants, for crissakes.