Chris Cooley Doesn’t Know How To Crop Photos

This is the type of story that makes you wonder what we ever did for entertainment before the Internet. A quick rundown: Chris Cooley, Redskins tight end and blogger extraordinaire, had himself an unfortunate accident yesterday. You see, while posting an image of the “Tight End Test” that new coach Jim Zorn gave his team - which is hilarious in its own right - he accidentally included a brief shot his naughty bits.

Chris Cooley in short-shorts

(Cooley showing off another part of his anatomy.)

The image was up for a brief time before the Cooley contingent was alerted about the inadvertent wang shot, after which the image was immediately taken down and burned like a file revealing some super-secret CIA assassination plot.

DEADSPIN has the update:

Yeah, so apparently that was just one unfortunate accident, one of the many hazards of nude blogging. The Cooley’s have responded by removing the post from their blog, and according to text message from Chris’s brother Tanner to our own Balls AJ, he wasn’t happy to see his brother’s cock meandering its way around the internet. But hey, nobody wants to see their brother’s cock anywhere.

If there’s one thing we know about, it’s the horrors of nude blogging - which, incedently, we are doing RIGHT NOW! - so we feel for Cooley and his little “accident”. That said, if you’re really curious as to what kind of heat Mr. Cooley is packing - say, if you’re a fantasy owner and want to know if you should trade for him - we’re sure you can find the image somewhere. Nothing dies on the Internet.

Happy searching.