Chase Utley Drops An Effenheimer On Live TV

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like winning the World Series. For all the hand-wringing and micromanaging and doubting that goes on during the 162-game regular season, it’s all entirely irrelevant as soon as that trophy gets raised. If it’s good enough for a title, it’s good enough for everybody else.

Phillies LOL he said F word

Or, as Chase Utley chose to put it during their celebration at a packed Citizens Bank Park, “World F***ing Champions!” (NSFW audio, obviously). Okay then.

Understandably, the crowd strongly disapproved of the harsh language and booed lustily—oh wait, that didn’t happen at all.

Actually, they cheered for several minutes and later told the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER that they didn’t really have a problem with it.

“They hear worse stuff in school,” said Ivette Centeno, 44, of Northeast Philadelphia, there with her two children and two grandchildren. “As a parent, we can explain that it was just excitement, and that we don’t want them to say that.”

Malik Muhammad, 29, of West Philadelphia, there with his daughter, Tia, 6, and Tia’s mother, Tamika Taylor, 28, called the remark “surprising, but I can’t say it disturbed us.”

Despite nobody actually caring about the Feutron Bomb, local TV and radio stations who broadcast the awful, awful profanity will probably be up for substantial fines. Local lawyers are probably salivating at the notion of the stations suing Utley for the fines, seeing as how he’s much more responsible for the awful, awful profanity than the stations are. But even if Utley ends up having to pay every single maximum penalty (likelihood: 0.00%), I think he’d agree it was totally worth it.