Charlie Weis Video Singing At Wrigley Field Notre Dame

ND COACH BELTS A GOOD OL’ IRISH LULLABY AT WRIGLEY: On a recent visit to da North Side, Good Ol’ Charlie Weis treated the Cubbie faithful with a rousing, raucous rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame“:

Charlie Weis Sings

(Exclusive video!)

(Quick, watch it before MLB takes it down and locks us up!)

As shown on LEN & BOB’S BASEBALL BLOG, the N.D. coach put in not too shabby a performance on Sunday, even ending with a Harry Caray classic, “Let’s score some runs!

Harry Caray Bud Squirrel

Weis even had some glasses perched atop his head in a subliminal nod to everyone’s favorite Cub Fan & Bud Man.

Compare how Chuck’s crooning matches up with some past performances at the Friendly Confines.