Ochocinco’s Twitter Falls Victim To “NFL’s Rules”

We always knew it would end; we just didn’t think it’d be like this.

Strange news from TWITTER today; if he’s to be taken at his word (and, um, that’s always a risky proposition), Chad Ochocinco announced that he would be deleting his account. Naturally, he points the finger at rules set by the No Fun League.

Ochocinco Last Tweet
(Do you see what you’ve done, Roger Goodell? DO YOU SEE?!)

If he’s gone, though, the announcement is sudden and curiously without a concurrent statement from the NFL. You’d think there’d be more surrounding something like this than a couple Tweets. At the very least, we’d like to know this: what rules?

First, Ocho’s announcements:

Due to the many rules the NFL has made I’ve found it difficult to enjoy Twitter and I’ll be deleting my account :(

I thank and love you all for following, hope you enjoyed getting to know the real me: Esteban out

In case you were wondering, “Esteban” is part of his new persona, “Esteban the Black Mexican.” It makes sense to him, and that’s all that matters.

One thing worth pointing out is that the announcements came via text message. What that means is unclear; perhaps he was just coming out of a meeting with someone high up in the league or franchise - or someone may have been playing a prank with his phone. We’ll know soon enough.

Chad Ochocinco Lil Wayne
(Ochocinco with Lil Wayne, whom he claimed to have been battling with the night before. Relevant to the story? Maybe.)

If he’s straight lying for attention, that’s cheap. If someone posted that without his permission, that’s also not cool. But if someone from the league really put the kibosh on Ocho’s boastful Twitter feed, that’s an injustice, because true to form, he was as enthusiastic a Tweeter as the league had. Let’s look back, and please, try not to cry:

Good night, sweet prince. This is our funeral to your Twitter career, so if you’re lying about this then eat a bowl of dog balls.