Minor League Team Gambles On Cecil As Manager

Former Detroit Tigers slugger and rare threat to stretch a double into a triple Cecil Fielder will become a minor league manager in a city known for gambling, the PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY reports.

Cecil Fielder, Atlantic City Surf manager

As you may recall, Fielder — the father of equally-paunch Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder – lost over $500,000 in a two-day span at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, but at a press conference naming him the manager of the Atlantic City Surf, Fielder staunchly admits no gambling problem whatsoever.

“Gambling has never been a temptation for me,” Fielder said. “I made a lot of money, so everywhere I went I was given everything. I had the opportunity to go anywhere I wanted to go.”

So that means that since he won’t be getting $500K to blow on video poker, he absolutely won’t stroll back to Trump Plaza, which is a mere mile and a half from Bernie Robbins Stadium, any time soon?

Google Maps directions from Surf ballpark to Trump casino

You can also see Trump Plaza beyond the outfield wall of the Surf stadium.

How can Fielder not have a problem gambling? Whether it’s an addiction is open for debate, but he lost half a million dollars in two days. He’s clearly not very good at it. During his playing career Cecil Fielder also had a striking out problem, but nobody says it in the “you’re addicted to it” sense, just in the “you can’t hit the ball” sense. The difference, of course, is that strikeouts didn’t change Fielder’s salary. Because of doubling down on 15, Donald Trump now has gold bricks lining the walls of his executive bathroom.