Carl From Aqua Teen Hunger Force Helps Explain the BCS Situation

CARL FROM “ATHF” CUTS THROUGH ALL THE BS OF THE BCS: Confused by the whole BCS situation? WITH LEATHER digs up a fresh viewpoint to help better clarify the collegiate post-season.

Here’s Carl from the Adult Swim series “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, putting some perspective on what he fondly calls the “Bad College Stupid”:

On the potential of a Missouri-West Virginia title game: “I could give a flying f—.”On the undefeated Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii: “Maybe they can play the chocolate unicorn elves at the Fruity Candy-Ass Bowl in Never Never Land!

Mark Mangino Borat Azamat Nude Scene

On the success of Kansas coach Mark Mangino: “There ain’t enough Gatorade in the world to soak the multiple mucous- encrusted rolls in his neck alone.”As an added bonus, Carl heaps out some scorn on Giants QB Eli Manning and his performance vs. the Vikings:

Eli Manning

I saw you at the press conference, Eli, smiling and saying that you learned from the game. 4 interceptions? 3 for touchdowns? Oh, did you learn not to throw it to the big guys in the purple shirts?“I’m pissed! And I got an American right to be so!