Ex-Viking Eller Arrested For Being a Drunken Feller

At the tender age of 66, former Minnesota Vikings star Carl Eller showed that he can still be a rough customer. Unfortunately, he demonstrated his strength against a couple of Minneapolis police officers.

Carl Eller Minnesota Vikings mug shot

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports that Eller was arrested early Wednesday morning on for driving while intoxicated. But during the arrest, the Hall of Famer reacted so violently that the arresting cops “feared for their lives“:

Eller, 66, hit officers Gil Antaya and Seth Porras in the faces several times and threatened to kill them. He also threw one of them onto the hood of his SUV during a scuffle that broke out in the garage of his north Minneapolis home where the officers caught up to him after a short chase through the neighborhood.

Inspector Mike Martin described the scene as it was heard over the police radio:

“They were in the fight of their lives. They were in distress …you could hear them screaming on the tape, ‘We need another car here. We need help here.’”

One of the cops tried using a Taser on Eller, but it had “no impact“. It took the arrival of at least three more policemen to finally subdue Eller, accomplished by putting him in a neck hold.

In the aftermath, Officer Antaya had suffered “swelling to his nose and below his eye,” while Officer Porras had to deal with “a scrape to his forehead and a broken blood vessel in his left eye.” Both cops were treated at the hospital and released.

Martin further added that the scars of Eller’s assault aren’t just physical:

“This was a guy who was a hero to many guys on the department. And now to have him put them in a position of defending themselves and having to arrest him. It’s disappointing to the officers.”

Sadder still, Eller had been an admitted substance abuser who eventually became a drug counselor.

Talk about one hell of a relapse.