Cardinals Better Keep Eye On LaRussa Around It

You might remember DEADSPIN’s previous post about a man getting a DUI while driving a motorized cooler. Now leave it to Jason Isringhausen, who has outfitted the Cards’ usual ice chest with an unusual upgrade, to give the motorized cooler its big break.

St Louis Cardinals motor cooler

The Cardinals reliever recently brought a version of the motorized cooler to Busch stadium to be used by Redbird relievers. And he leaves it in the able hands of rookie reliever Kyle McClellan.

“My job as the rookie is to carry the drinks out in the cooler, so [Isringhausen] said I got to make sure I’m out there in style,” says rookie reliever Kyle McClellan, who has been driving the cooler out to the bullpen before every home game.


McClellan drives the cooler out to the bullpen before each home game:

St Louis Cardinals motor cooler

That cooler’s uses are really limitless. Just don’t give Tony LaRussa the keys!