‘Canes QB Questions Tim Tebow’s Virginity Claims

You have to respect Tim Tebow’s decision to admit that he’s still a virgin. It can be very difficult for a superstar Heisman-winning college quarterback to resist the sordid temptations of the fairer sex - i.e. get it on with the girls. Especially at such an institution like the University of Florida, alma mater of such notable ladies like ESPN’s Erin Andrews and Playboy playmate Kelly Hemberger Carrington.

Jacory Harris Tim Tebow

(“It’s fun to stay at the YYYYYY-M-C-A…”)

But Tebow’s admission shows what a strong character he is, how he won’t let such desires distract from his football duties, how he steadfastly supports the sanctity of no sex before marriage.

Of course, the QB for the Miami Hurricanes thinks Tim’s not telling the truth.

Jacory Harris, who’ll be under center for the ‘Canes this season, was on “The Dan Le Batard Show” Thursday to discuss all sorts of football matters. Inevitably, Le Batard asked Harris about the admission of abstinence made by his QB rival up in Gainesville. And Jacory just couldn’t believe it:

JH: “Tebow said that?”

DLB: “Yeah, Tebow said that he’s still a virgin.”

JH: “I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. I got friends up there in Florida. I don’t believe it.”

DLB: “So Tim Tebow’s lying?”

JH: “I think so. I think he was lying.”

Although Harris doesn’t believe Tebow, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect other people’s choices to remain chaste:

“You really can’t, can’t say anything to nobody about that situation, ’cause I guess that’s a religious reason. And those lines you don’t want to really cross.”

And as for Jacory himself?

DLB: “You saving yourself for marriage?”

JH: “No. (laughs). I’m sorry, but to all the people that do save their self for marriage, I can’t say I did that.”

So the Sunshine State smack talk is well underway. Can’t wait to see the Gators & ‘Canes face each other after this! Unfortunately, we’ll have to, since they don’t meet this season. Florida was too busy scheduling Florida International & Charleston Southern, while Miami had no room due to Florida A&M & Central Florida.

Oh, and just as a friendly reminder, Lucy Pinder is not Tim Tebow’s girlfriend (click on the pics for a larger reminder):

Lucy Pinder

Repeat, NOT Tim Tebow’s girlfiend:

Lucy Pinder

Again, not Tebow’s girlfriend:

Lucy Pinder

Better keep looking at these pics so you don’t forget. You’re welcome.

(Audio of Jacory’s interview can be heard here.)