Cal Cuts Off Supplies To Tree-Hugging Hippies

The University of California has had to deal with a contingent of tree-sitters in a grove of oak trees for years — the sitters are trying to keep the university from cutting them down in order to make way for new athletic facilities.  The CONTRA COSTA TIMES reports today that the school recently cut off some of the sitters’ supplies and mechanisms of getting food to each other.

Cal Tree Sitters

The rotating group of sitters known as “Save The Oaks” claims the trees cannot be replaced due to their age, even though the university has pledged to replace every tree cut down with three new ones.

Cal is citing safety concerns as the reason for bringing in an arborist to cut traverse lines for food and supplies. University spokesman Dan Mogulof said the the lines “are the same lines that two tree sitters have fallen off of.” The few hold-outs left in the trees aren’t too happy about it, claiming all the university is “trying to do is harass and intimidate” them.

Meanwhile, a judge will rule on the lawsuit over the building of the complex in March. Most of the objections having to do with whether the new complex is considered an extension of Memorial Stadium or a separate facility, according to the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE. If the complex is determined to be an extension of the stadium by a judge, it won’t be built because it would be on a fault line.