Caddies Just Got A Lot Hotter & More Expensive

When you go to Las Vegas with the guys there are generally only three things on the agenda: gambling, golf, and women.  To a lesser extent eating and sleeping are also part of the plan, but only if they don’t get in the way of the previous three.  Well, now you can have all three at once.

Caddy Hottie

(Assistance with the ballwasher is here!)

I mean, when your out on the golf course with your buddies it’s pretty commonplace to have some side action on the round, especially when you’re in Vegas.  Of course, the only problem when you’re out on the golf course is that there generally isn’t a lot of women hanging around, and the ones that are generally aren’t the type you want to concern yourself with.   Thankfully that’s about to change thanks to a joint venture between Walters Golf and Par Mates.

From the press release via BRAHSOME:

Par Mates are attractive and outgoing young ladies that will help with course arrangements like orientation, introduction to course personnel, call in food and beverage orders, maintaining scorecards, shopping assistance in the golf shop and other services designed to replicate the five-star assistance provided by major hotel concierges staff. They’ll even repair divots, fix ball marks, clean clubs and help with yardage, ball flight and obstacles. Additionally they will serve as hostesses during the round to eliminate any hassles or drudgeries and make the experience more pleasant, enjoyable and fun. Par Mates must be reserved at least three days in advance of play.

“Beautiful and knowledgeable female caddies are a natural extension and a perfect fit to our current product offering of three unique and challenging themed golf courses” said Matt Tripp, General Manager at the Royal Links Golf Club.

These beautiful ladies are available for hire and are only $225* for your round.

The Par Mates are available at the Royal Links Golf Club which is a course that consists of holes designed to mirror holes from different sites of the British Open.  So now not only can you feel like your walking up the 18th fairway at St. Andrews, but you can have a comely young lady handling your wood, er, woods for you.

And yes, I know what you’re about to ask, the girls will polish your balls as well.