BYU Expelled Non-Mormon McMahon, Spiked HOF

Jim McMahon guested on Dan Patrick’s radio show today to talk about McMahon’s father’s recently-failed bid to get the former Bears QB into the BYU Sports Hall of Fame. Astonishly, McMahon has never been inducted, and BYU states that he will not be allowed in until he graduates. But McMahon had a whole ‘nother story for Patrick on the subject.

Jim McMahon

First, McMahon intimated that the reason he hasn’t been honored by the school was because he never converted to Mormonism. When it came to religion, he said that BYU football representatives lied to him repeatedly during his recruitment.

McMahon: “They mentioned the rules, this is what goes on here. If you don’t want to be part of the lifestyle there, that’s no problem. They’re (BYU officials) not going to bother you. That was a lie they bothered you pretty much every day. … The religion part.

Patrick: “Did they want you to convert (to Mormonism)?”

McMahon: “I’m sure they did. But that was never in doubt, I was never going to do that.

McMahon said he refused to take part in nightly prayers at his dorm, and that he was “on probation” at the school from his freshman year on after he was seen with a beer on a public golf course.

More interesting is that McMahon was essentially kicked to the curb by the school after he played his last game for the Cougars: “I was called in and told I was no longer wanted there. Because of a number of students who said I was doing certain things I shouldn’t be doing. When I confronted them (BYU officials) and asked ‘who are my accusers’, and they couldn’t tell me, well, that’s because they were all full of crap. I’ve been here five years. You guys are now just finding this stuff out?”

McMahon said he didn’t recall what he did wrong at the time, that he was accused of a “number of violations.

Patrick to McMahon: “Do you feel they used you?”

McMahon: “No doubt, that’s what college football’s all about.”

I’m guessing McMahon’s “violations” at BYU were petty lifestyle stuff, trumped up to get him of campus once he wasn’t of use to the school.

Ironically, McMahon said later that he would go to BYU if he had to do it over again, because of all he learned in his football experience. And the hardships he encountered by being a non-Mormon at BYU.

Think we’re really getting whole story here? Yeah, I know. No way.