Bruce, Bon Jovi Might Host Curling Reality Show?

Chris Zelkovich of the TORONTO STAR reports today that NBC is seriously considering “a 10-episode sports reality show that will give the winners a shot at competing in the U.S. championships and even going to the 2010 Olympics.

Bruce Springsteen Bon Jovi

Of course, the whole point of the show is to promote the net’s future coverage of the Olympics. But there’s just one small problem: No one will watch.

Enter Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. Really.

The Star reports that NBC has a “plan to land closet curlers Bruce Springsteen or Jon Bon Jovi as part of the show, assuming the rockers aren’t worried what being connected to a sport with brooms might do to their images.

According to sources, the two rock stars are among a group of entertainment types who rent arena time on occasion to pick up brooms instead of guitars.

It’s kind of a stretch to assume that just because the two musicians rent out rinks to stage curling matches would mean they would want to host a network reality show about the sport. But we suppose it’s kind of a stretch that NBC airs the Winter Olympics at all - and makes money of it. Which the network apparently does.

Bon Jovi would be the far more likely of the two to accept the offer, considering his participation in the Arena Football League. The NewJerseyan owns the Philadelphia Soul of the AFL and hasn’t been shy about promoting the team in the media. Meanwhile, Springsteen in extremely media-shy. We can’t imagine he’d consider it.

More on the show: “The show would involve U.S.-wide tryouts starting this year, open to anyone 18 or older. A panel of coaches will select two teams – five men and five women – to train for six months, all expenses paid, at Lake Placid, N.Y. They would train eight hours a day under professional coaches before going to regional playdowns for the 2010 U.S. Olympic trials in February 2009. If they win, they’re off to the Vancouver Olympics, unlikely as that may seem.

This sounds like one of those things where you would watch the first episode just to see how uncomfortable Bon Jovi gets, and that would be it. But if NBC can make American Gladiators work, we suppose anything is possible.

And kudos to the NBC folks for leaking this to the Canadian press. Dick Ebersol does know his PR!