Browns Player Fined $1,701 Over $3 Bottled Water

Eric Mangini is certainly making an impression in Cleveland. The Browns coach has so far sent rookies on a 10-hour bus trip to work at a “voluntary” football camp, demanded $500,000 worth of changes to the coaching offices, and has even been accused of spreading “diva” rumors about Michael Crabtree (although that last item seems to have some truth to it).

Eric Mangini bottled water

And now the Mangenius is trying to instill the notion in his players’ heads to be fiscally responsible & always settle your debts. How far is the coach willing to go to teach this lesson? He apparently fined a player $1,701 over a $3 bottle of water.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK splashes up news from YAHOO’s Michael Silver that during a preseason road trip, an unidentified Browns player took a bottle of water from his hotel room but neglected to pay for it. When Mangini heard about it, he levied the fine on the player - an amount the player could have used to buy 566 more bottles of water.

Why $1,701? That’s the maximum amount allowed under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. Otherwise, who knows how much Mangini might have tried to squeeze out of the thirsty player? I’d guess $25,000 - just enough to cover Eric’s losses over the Brett Favre hidden injury fiasco.

Once again, it looks like another long & dreadful season on the shores of Lake Erie. Can’t blame Browns fans if they turn to drinking. Just be sure to settle your bar tabs, or else Mangini’s coming after you next.