Brog: Still Got a Blindside Tackle In Sunday In T.O.

So I’ve been out on the road with SbB Girl Wendy the past few days, hanging out in Montreal and Toronto. I’m trying to fly back to L.A. today, but weather may unintentionally ground my travel plans. (Thanks Gustav!)

SbB Girl Wendy in Toronto Dundas Square

(SbB Girl Wendy in Toronto (I was on trash detail))

Sunday I went to the “V” music festival in Toronto, thanks to tickets from My Boy Barry. So yea, my mind wasn’t completely on my KC Chiefs yesterday, tho I did extract perverse pleasure from see the Tom Brady injury. And my team’s accompanying, obligatory (foot)ball gag.

Noel Gallagher shoved down onstage during V Festival in Toronto

Oasis was the headline act of the festival, and about midway through the set, a fan ran onstage and shoved down the band’s guitarist-singer Noel Gallagher from behind (which is exactly one more hit than the Bengals defense made yesterday). The AFP reports today that after the show, Gallagher “was taken to hospital afterwards to be examined for a suspected fractured rib and ligament damage.” (video of the attack after the jump)

The alleged assailant is a 47-year-old father of three named Daniel Sullivan. “Alleged” is at least the way the ASSOCIATED PRESS is reporting it, despite the irrefutable video evidence.

One of my many vantage points last night:

V Festival Toronto

After Gallagher was beat down from behind, his brother, lead singer Liam Gallagher, went after the stage invader with a inspired flurry of nothingness that would’ve made Robin Ventura blush.


Following a 10-minute delay, the show resumed, albeit much more subdued. I wish I could say there was a collective pall cast over the crowd after the incident, but I honestly think half the people there were so out of it they didn’t realize what had happened.

One of the rumored theories as to why the crazy crashed the stage is he was being taunted by the notoriously loutish Liam about his English football affiliation. Despite having grown up in Manchester, the Gallagher brothers are not Manchester United fans, instead leaning to forever-downtrodden Manchester City.


Man City though now has Abu Dhabi’s billions backing the club, so perhaps Liam let a Man U fan ‘ave it - only to see the *fan* return the favor on his big bruvva.


So I’m happy to report that despite missing some of the NFL on Sunday, I still fulfilled my blindside tackle quota.