Brog: Patrick’s Syndicator Hires Bruno For Show

The Content Factory, the radio networking outfit created to syndicate Dan Patrick’s radio show, has taken Tony Bruno off the unemployment line, and handed him an evening show called, “Into The Night.”

Tony Bruno Hooters

From press release today: “The Content Factory announced today they will produce and distribute Into the Night with Tony Bruno debuting on September 29th. Into the night with Tony Bruno will air live from the west coast from 7 to 10pm and 10pm to 1am in the east.

Bruno: “This will be the most unique sport based show on radio. We’re going to take listeners into the locker rooms of ball parks and arenas from coast to coast but we won’t stop there. We’ll go ‘into the night’ with players, fans and celebrities as we take the show on the road to great night spots in Las Vegas, New York and out on the town in LA.

The time slot is no coincidence. Bruno will undoubtedly be cleared in some form on KNBR-AM in San Francisco (the one station that has always stood behind him), but beyond that, he’ll likely get some clearance from east coast stations because 10p-1a is no man’s land when it comes to radio listenership. In other time zones, live clearance on major sports stations will be tougher because of PBP conflicts. (Hello 1790am in Medford!)

Tony Bruno Hooters

This isn’t a bad move for Bruno though, considering I expect him to be much more lucid (and prepared?) on an evening show. It will probably be a better listen. Now just how “unique” the show will be remains to be seen. We’ve all seen and heard claims from show launches that the content will be groundbreaking. It rarely is. Hope I’m wrong in this case, as I’d love to have something to listen to here in L.A. besides a badly-slurring, feedbag-impaired Charley Steiner on Dodgers radio.

Tony Bruno

Bruno previously was on the original launch of ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio and Sporting News Radio. He was let go from the latter two nets. A.J. Daulerio of DEADSPIN also recently had a wide-ranging interview with the former Philly radio guy.