Brog: NYK Owner Advertises Band With Google Ad

Employee harassment? Irresponsible spending? Laughably delusional behavior? Yep, that’s James Dolan for you. New York Knicks owner Certifiable insane band member.

JD & The Straight Shot

(James Dolan’s debut album, “The Strange Case Of The Missing Jowl,” features Isiah Thomas earning his personal services’ back pay on washboard)

I was unable to sleep Monday night, so, like all of you every night I’m sure, I just sat on SbB, refreshing over & over & over - until this ad came up (728X90 banner above): “JD & The Straight Shot - Click here to listen now!

For some reason, “JD & The Straight Shot” rang a bell. After a quick search, it turns out it’s the “band” fronted by the owner of the New York Knicks and Madison Square Garden, James “veneers gone wrong” Dolan.

The last time I was in New York, I had dinner with a guy who knew both Dolan and some of the members of the “band.” He said that apparently most of the poor saps in the group hated “J.D.”, but were afraid to leave the band for fear of losing their jobs (some of them apparently worked for Dolan - or had biz interests with him - which is unconfirmed).

(At least Dolan’s opening act is entertaining. Oh, wait.)

Despite the fact that Dolan’s album sales probably number somewhere between Zach Randolph’s 3-point FG shooting percentage and Nate Robinson’s jersey number, he flies his band to gigs in his private jet and torches heaping piles o’ money recording albums in studios made famous by some of the greatest musicians of all time.

Yep, Dolan (allegedly) recording at Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard studio is almost as bad as the Knicks playing at MSG. Not quite though.

Everyone knows that it’s virtually impossible to get Tiger Woods on sports radio for an interview. So Scott Van Pelt scored a coup when Woods appeared on his ESPN Radio show this afternoon.

Now, I would like to think that SVP landed the golden get with his sparkling personality and relationship with Woods. But, as you might expect, Tiger didn’t come on the show merely to chat it up with Scott about his U.S. Open victory and subsequent knee surgery. No, he came on to promote Gatorade, and lord did he ever do a masterful job of product/content integration.

Woods actually claimed to Van Pelt that Gatorade is helping his knee heal faster. No, really: “They’re helping me find things that will enable me to heal faster – soft tissue and different types of flavors and drinks that I should be drinking to speed recovery after my workouts and pre-workouts. … Before it was just all on-course stuff with the three flavors I was playing, but now it’s different. Now we’re into recovery drinks so I think it’s helped me a lot.

Not much else to report from the interview, but it’s safe to assume that ESPN will be flogging the visit with thousands of excerpt promo airs over the next six months (minus the Gatorade comments).

It is nice to see SVP getting some notice on his new show - but I find Woods claiming that his sports drink sponsor is having a significant effect on his recovery from reconstructive knee surgery a little distasteful. I’m also guessing it was made clear that Gatorade would be product-placed into the Q. & A., which is also a little unsavory.

To be fair to SVP, there isn’t a breathing sports radio guy who wouldn’t have taken Tiger under the exact same circumstances. It was still a great get, Gatorade or not.

I never thought I’d see the day where the NFL would start looking like an international soccer match. But if the league is indeed serious about enforcing its just-released new code of fan conduct, this is the kind of gameday we can look forward to:

Empty Soccer Stadium

Here’s a suggestion for the league office: you might want to attend a game yourself before instituting rules on fan conduct, to note that virtually every NFL game patron in the history of the league has violated at least one of the new rules set down in today’s announcement. reports today that John McCain’s presidential campaign recently dropped $6M on TV ads for NBC’s upcoming Olympics coverage in Beijing.

For a normal Olympics, I would say that anything besides buying the Opening Ceremonies would be a mistake. Americans have long stopped caring about the Olympics, unless it’s gymnastics on a plans-free Sunday afternoon (that’s an attractive demo).

But because of the pollution, this Olympics is going to be a complete train wreck, which will ramrod The Games under virtually every American’s nose at some point during the next few weeks.

Finally, SPORTSbyBROOKS contributor Matt Sussman has a rather amusing take on the piece featuring SbB yesterday.

New photo of SbB Girl Anyssa in Santa Monica, CA:

SbB Girl Anyssa In Santa Monica California