Brog: NBC Reporter Grills Fallen Hottie Sacramone

Another interesting find by 790 The Ticket’s Jorge Sedano today. Earlier today, we brought you the mean left hook of mega-hottie gymnast Alicia Sacramone.

Alicia Sacramone NBC Interview Andrea Joyce

Coincidentally, here’s some video from this morning of Sacramone getting cooked by NBC’s Andrea Joyce after her recent, disappointing Olympic performance on Balance Beam and Floor Exercise - which cost the U.S. a chance of competing for a gymnastics team gold medal.

Many are appalled by Joyce’s direct line of questioning, and perhaps it is a little over the top. But Joyce is only interviewing Sacramone like she would Kobe Bryant if the Redeem Team were to suffer a shocking loss. Aren’t they both high-profile Olympians?

Alicia Sacramone NBC Interview Andrea Joyce

I don’t blame Joyce for her approach, I blame those in the Olympic sports community for pushing often-prepubescent children onto a world stage, then expecting them to act like old pros with the media after they collapse under pressure.

The LONDON GUARDIAN’s Sean Ingle today from the Oly gymnastics competition: “I knew they were little - that’s hardly news - but this little? The minimum age to compete in the Olympic gymnastics is 16, many of these wouldn’t have been out of place in a year eight disco.

Maybe I sound like a prude, but I don’t think girls that age shouldn’t be thrust into that kind of environment, considering most are unprepared emotionally to handle the off-mat pressure the world media places on them. It’s sad all around. (And yes, I know, Sacramone herself is 20.)

Last night was Joe Beimel Bobblehead Night at Dodger Stadium, so the club had Beimel all over local L.A. media yesterday. One of his stops was KLAC-AM’s “Petros & Money Show,” where he talked music with co-host Matt “Money” Smith.

Joe Beimel Kid Rock Tattoo Punk Rock Baby

(Ask Joe: What’s better, a punk rock baby or Kid Rock tattoo)?

Earlier this season, Beimel let it be known during a chat on that he was a lover of punk rock, and in particular, the Chicago-based band “Screeching Weasels.”

He went a step further on KLAC yesterday, revealing that he named his daughter, Claire Monet, after a Screeching Weasels song with the same title.

Now, with a punk rock band named, “Screeching Weasels,” you’d think there’d be some serious, off-color lyrics in all their songs. But in the case of “Claire Monet, ” you would be wrong. Drat!

Where’s Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious when you really need them?

ESQUIRE’s Tom Chiarella has a profile of Tom Brady in a September cover story.

Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady

(Brady’s baby, Bundchen’s twins off-limits)

I’ve no real interest in the piece, beyond the fun ground rules for the visit set up by Brady’s lovable agent, Steve Dubin. Dubin told Chiarella that Brady’s girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, and his son “will not appear in the story. If you ask about his son, they’ll stop the car and drop you on the [expletive] 405.

Living on L.A.’s westside, I can confirm that our local freeway is indeed now officially called the, “[expletive] 405.”

Yes, Christmas is right around the corner (ok, maybe not, but stay with me) so I have a couple-three great gift ideas for the whole family. First off, the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM brings us the Quincy Carter Christmas tree ornament (only $18.95!).

Quincy Carter Christmas Tree Ornament

It also comes with a voucher for one free phone call from the correctional facility of your choice (Lower 48 only, voucher valid with University of Georgia system student ID).

Actually, if I’m going to go gifting on newspaper websites, I’ll stick with the ORANGE COUNTRY REGISTER’s Allison Stokke framed poster for $215 (two for $182.99!):

Allison Stokke

If that stuff doesn’t move you, maybe this item from the Dodgers’ best fan website out there,, catches your fancy … the MannyPack™!

Dodgers Fan Mannypack

I wonder if it includes two free drink tickets to Artie Lange’s less-famous brother’s next Laugh Factory set. I know I’ve cashed more than a few of those at Tony Rock’s weekly Comedy Store standups.

Ethan Skolnick of the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL reports that in Plaxico Burress’ new book, the NYG wideout “rips” his former coach at Michigan State, Nick Saban.

In the book, Burress writes of Saban, “I didn’t like him.” Skolnick notes that the now-Alabama coach “prevented him from leaving the team to visit a close friend who had broken his neck, and regularly prohibited him from speaking to reporters.”

More Burress: “When Saban got mad or something happened, he would just spaz out, flip out.

Canadian Senator Larry Campbell is trying to pass legislation to prevent the NFL from giving Toronto (or any other Canadian city) a league franchise. Campbell said, “Should the Bills or any NFL team come to Toronto, it would virtually spell the demise of the CFL.

Tomorrow the Bills play their first of eight games over the next five seasons in T.O.. I think the future of the franchise is probably in both cities, with the club splitting home games down the middle. Eventually.

Even with a significant NFL presence in Toronto, who is to say the CFL couldn’t keep a franchise there - at the Rogers Centre or perhaps the brand-new ballpark at the Univ. of Toronto.

The Canadian Football League exists to give folks cheap family entertainment, and I can’t imagine fans across that sprawling nation would abandon that prospect because of an NFL team in-country. And let’s also not forget that for many years, Toronto and Montreal have been far from the strongest franchises in the league.

Finally, I hope it happens because it will surely signal the NFL’s long overdue adoption of The Rouge. has a piece today on the increase of ligament-transplant surgeries for little league pitchers. Apparently the number of such procedures has tripled over the past decade. Some little leagues now have an 85-pitch count in place, but that still sounds too high for an 11-year-old to me.

Of course, over-competitive, a$$hole coaches (think Vic Morrow as Roy Turner in “Bad News Bears”) are always blamed as the culprits for such injuries. But why the giant rise in just the last 10 years?

Vic Morrow As Roy Turner Coach In Bad News Bears

(Arm blowouts no longer sole responsibility of d—head little league coaches)

Nauseating national TV coverage of the Little League World Series (and Regionals) are the root of the problem. Pseudo-celebrity and college scholarship slivers sprinkled in with the almighty advertising dollar are the reasons so many cherubic Chad Penningtons dot little league rosters these days.

After my trip to Maddenpalooza on Monday, I was interested to see foot traffic in various video game stores yesterday - the first full day Madden 09 was on sale. At an outlet no more than a mile from EA Sports’ headquarters, I walked through a store at 7pm to find it virtually empty.

Another video game store situated in a large South Bay mall had enough idle Madden 09 product to wallpaper the neighboring food court. I’m starting to wonder if fantasy football is cutting into market share. Certainly seems like it. And I don’t know how many sports radio hosts in the past 72 hours I’ve heard say, “I used to play Madden.

We’re making progress on the SbB radio thing. In case you don’t know, I’m going to be doing weekly radio appearances on stations throughout the country.

We’ve already signed up several major market shows/stations. If you’re interested in having me on to talk sports celeb gossip every week, and you are in a Top 50 market, let me know. If you aren’t in a Top 50 market, I’ll still come on periodically, so give me a shout.

We will be setting up a radio page for the shows I appear on, with link back to the respective websites - in addition to posting the audio from our appearances. That’ll start going up as early as next week.