Brog: Mister Frank McCourt, Tear Down This Wall!

Yesterday I went to the Dodgers-Brewers game in Los Angeles, which was no coincidence. Like many here in Lipstick City, for the first time in what seems like centuries, I felt compelled to make the normally daunting trek to Chavez Ravine.

Frank McCourt Baseball's Berlin Wall

With good weather, zoot-suited Manny in left, and the resurgent Brewers in town, you’d have thought we’d be staring down a sellout Sunday. But the ball orchard was only about 55% full, and parking was a smog-filled breeze. So tho it was a little strange to see so many empty seats without the Pirates in town, it was as pleasant an experience as I’ve had watching professional baseball in Los Angeles County.

The only thing that struck me as a little strange yesterday was the giant wall that separates lower level box seats from the rest of the field level chairbacks. The wall was a erected a couple years ago by the McCourts, and I’ve seen it before, from a lower perspective. But I was club level Sunday, so you could really see how ridiculous the gigante barrier looks.

Of course, the wall is designed to prevent unwashed commoners from invading the precious space of those well-monied ticketholders - the ones who leave their $250 seats empty for half the season. By the looks of the wall, I’m surprised Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt didn’t dig out a moat while he was at it.

Brooks at Dodger Game

I don’t know how long McCourt will run the team into the ground own the team, but I’m guessing that ripping up baseball’s Berlin Wall will be the first order of business for whomever wrests the flagging franchise off of Frank’s hands.

I think I’ve found the latest internet rage:!

Women Against Fantasy Football Two Timing Mates

Oh wait, make that Based on the site’s content, the proprietors apparently are taking a page from, existing only to sell t-shirts.

But the URL is misleading, as the photo montage featuring a couple two-timing guys does nothing to stem every male’s fantasy.

L.A. Valley native Jeff Suppan is now an innings-eater for the Cardinals Red Sox Pirates Royals Diamondbacks Brewers, and was ND’d yesterday thanks to Ryan Brauntasarus’ top-nine, two-run missile to knot Dodgers-Brewers at a quintet (Los Doyers went on to bottom-nine win).

Suppan also now owns a sports bar in the Valley, on Ventura Blvd. in Encino called “Soup’s Sports Grill.” Thursday I stopped in for a Brewers-only private function at the facility.

Jeff Suppan Brooks Soup's Grill

Jeff is pitching the place as a family-friendly sports grill, which has possibilities considering the demo at most nearby establishments (think cast of Big Lebowski extras).

The food was actually good (chicken cacciatore was mega), better than your typical assortment of just-thawed and/or fried sports bar *delectables*. Also a plus: Suppan plans to manage the place day-to-day after the season.

Soup's Sports Grill

If I wasn’t west side, I’m sure that’d be a chill weekend stopoff, or quality Hollywood pregame destination.

NBC’s Meredith Vieira, after playing table tennis with U.S. Olympian David Zhuang: “If I challenge any of you to beer pong, I just might have you beat.

How prescient is Viera? Considering her network’s coverage of Michael Phelps the past week has driven quite a few to drink. Now that’s connecting with the audience!

BLOOMBERG reports that some fans paid up to US$1,750 for tickets to a hurdles heat featuring injured and withdrawn Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang. Tickets to the men’s 100-meter hurdles final had been advertised online for as much as US$7,000.

Paying $1,750 for some heat? At least Max Mosley has some company now.

Meet Germany’s version of Mark Cuban - without the comb-it-forward.

Comb It Forward Cuban

Richard Sandomir of the NEW YORK TIMES profiles the new sports social networking site, which is owned and operated by former Yahoo Sports executive David Katz:

(Katz) also said fans would experience an aha moment when they use SportsFanLive, likening it to the early adoption of DVR’s. “It was impossible to describe it before you used it,“ he said. “But once someone has it in their house, they said, ‘I can’t live without this thing.’ ”

Things I currently can’t live without:

1) Jon Miller overpronouncing Latino ballplayers’ names every Sunday night.
3) David Glass running my hometown KC Royals (call in the airstrike!).
4) A blog post about the China’s maltreatment of (insert here).

On the subject of China’s stifling of the media, athletes, protestors, sponsors, etc., Miro Cernetig of the CALGARY HERALD gives a glimpse into Page One of the communist tyrant’s playbook: “I can give you the basic rule everyone should have known when they do business here: China’s rulers do not like spontaneous crowds. Ever.

When I was in Prague a couple summers ago, I observed how deserted the town was on weekends. A local told me that the ruling Soviets once gifted each adult of Prague a parcel of land in the country, so they would retire out of the city every weekend - preventing all spontaneous congregation.

Sound familiar?

On the SbB Girls front, we’re shooting another(!) brand-new SbB Girl later this week, with photos to be published next week.

New photo of SbB Girl Anyssa in Oahu:

SbB Girl Anyssa