Brog: Our ‘Deadspin Nation’ Does Stimulus Checks

Mark McGuire of the ALBANY TIMES-UNION has this line today about the curious celebrity of Anna Kournikova: “Kournikova’s career remains a prominent example of how sports, sex and celebrity congeal into the oleo that is entertainment in Deadspin Nation.

Will Leitch, Feerless Leader Of Deadspin Nation

(Forget cheese, in Deadspin Nation, it’s all about free government mustard)

I know, there’s nothing more scintillating than a rehash of Kournikova’s breast size pseudo celebrity (Mark, 2001 called, they want their XM radio back.)

More interesting is that’s the first time I’ve seen or heard a main media member use the phrase “Deadspin Nation.” Actually, that’s the first I’ve heard of it altogether (tho I’m sure Shanoff’s already got it copyrighted and trademarked).

So what does a Deadspin Nation entail? I’m not really sure, besides of course Mattoon adding “The Home Of Will Leitch!” to the city’s interstate welcome sign, Buzz Bissinger being fitted for a monitoring anklet, and Ron Zook manning central command of Operation Iraqi Freedom (”you’re doing a great job, Zookie Zooker!“).

Additionally, you can count on the Executive Branch of Deadspin Nation being quartered here.

Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports that ESPN Radio in L.A. (KSPN-AM) is already trying to buy out the contract of afternoon host Dave Dameshek. As some of you may know, I appeared often on the show Dameshek replaced eight months ago, which featured longtime SoCal sports radio mainstays Steve Mason and John Ireland. When Dameshek was brought on last year, KSPN let Ireland go and moved Mason to middays.

John Ireland and SbB Girls at ESPN Radio in Los Angeles

(SoCal sports guy John Ireland is back on KSPN-AM with Steve Mason)

Dameshek’s show, according to Hoffarth, lost half of Mason & Ireland’s audience in the Arbitron Ratings in mere months. So KSPN officials have brought Ireland back and reunited him with Mason on a midday show - and are in the process of attempting to part ways with Dameshek, who has $400,000 in ESPN commits left on the final two years of his deal.

World’s most irrelevant jobs:

1) Construction site security guard
2) TSA liquid carry-on enforcement official
3) Budget controller, California State Legislature
4) Baltimore Orioles beat reporter

Orioles Grounds Crew Member running

(Run, Forest, Run!)

You know the latter is bad when the highlight of your 2008 season reporting is a piece about a grounds crew member. Thanks Pete!

Bob Mathews of the ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE reports today that, Tiger Woods made more this season in six events ($5,775,000) than (Jack) Nicklaus made in his career ($5,734,031).

The worst thing that could happen to the NHL and NBA is for European teams to go after players like Jaromir Jagr and Josh Childress (Greece signing made official today). Now the players have even more leverage with American teams, so they can effectively name their personal situation all-the-more. And be less likely to feel the need to make a full commit to their respective club.

I make that observo from a fan’s perspective. Obviously, having more lucrative options as a player is a good thing for them, but doesn’t lend itself to success in team sports.

As expected, a lot of people are questioning Childress’ move, considering the lifestyle change.

Right, I’m sure Josh is really going to miss Atlanta. Between the stellar fan support, and Pat Ewing and Pacman Jones now apparently off the local strip club circuit, what’s left? (Besides my beloved Varsity, of course).

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has evidence that apparently Chinese Olympic Officials have never really been in close proximity to the North American media. To wit, the AP notes today that hundreds of people were recently evacuated from the Beijing Games’ International Broadcast Center “fearing there was a gas leak after people smelled a strong odor.”

The incident was later ruled “a false alarm and the smell probably came from building materials or chemicals.

Yeah, that’s where it came from, sure.

BLOOMBERG reports today that Beijing Hotels are cutting room rates in half to try to lure tourists “put off by soaring travel costs and difficulties obtaining visas.

Hotels that hiked room prices “expecting an Olympic windfall, are backtracking as bookings lag behind expectations.

In other words, instead of making an enormo profit thanks to gouging guests, Beijing hotels will now break even. Boo-farking-hoo.

And so much for Chicago getting the Olympics, as the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports today that President Bush is “likely to campaign on behalf of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid during the” Beijing Games.

The Trib also notes what we’re all thinking on this one: “active campaigning by President Bush while he’s in China could be a mixed blessing for Chicago, given some of the antipathy toward the president overseas, much of it stemming from the war in Iraq.

New York Islanders former sniper Mike Bossy went on Fox Business Channel today to promote something called the “New York Islanders Business Club.”

Bossy: “We created was a club where our sponsors, our suite holders and anybody who wants to buy a season-ticket package (can) become an Islanders Business Club member. We will be holding 14 networking events next year.”

Networking events for Islanders sponsors and big wigs? If you don’t have a stake in the pawn shops, check cashing stores and empty storefronts on Long Island, now’s the time to buy, my friend.

Bossy also added the Isles “created a special place” for the club at Nassau Coliseum. He didn’t say exactly where that was, so I’m guessing it’s right next to the cigarette machine in the concourse.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” had some classic unintentional comedy today, as U.S. Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones appeared on the show and discussed his efforts to erase the “stigma within the African-American race that black people don’t swim.”

ABC’s Robin Roberts said Jones, who is just the third African-American to make the U.S. swim team, “has fans flocking to a sport desperately seeking diversity.”

Roberts: “He says he’s not just going for the gold, he’s also sending a message to the nearly 60% of African-American children who don’t know how to swim.”

Jones “has fans flocking to a sport desperately seeking diversity”? Did I miss something? Oh yeah, those are also the same people clamoring for a Phil Collins solo tour.

If highlights of this interview don’t end up on Kimmel or SNL’s Weekend Update, I will be sorely disappointed.

And here’s hoping Roberts will tomorrow interview the NBA’s Steve Nash, who also “has fans flocking to a sport desperately seeking diversity.”

Right Robin?

New photo of SbB Girl Allie at the graffitti walls on Venice Beach:

SbB Girl Allie In Venice, CA