Brog: Jenner Adores SPORTSbyBROOKS Girl Cora

Had several people today email me links to photos of SbB Girl Cora Skinner and Brody Jenner on the beach in Hawaii. I haven’t been following Cora’s career that closely the past couple years, but apparently she’s been an item for some time with gentleman Jenner - and his rather regrettable ink job:

Cora Skinner Brody Jenner Hawaii Beach Pics

Cora has done a lot of modeling over the years, mainly for print ads. She’s also dabbled in acting and appeared in the Lingerie Bowl - before it turned into fiasco.

SbB Girl Cora Skinner

(SbB Girl Cora Skinner - appeared in “The Office”)

You may have seen a couple other SbB Girls on TV or in the theater as well in the past year.

Melissa Smith appeared in a couple reality shows, and Charity Shea, after playing Justin Timberlake’s love interest in the film “Alpha Dog”, now has her own show on the cable net know as “The-N”.

SbB Girl Melissa Smith

(SbB Girl Melissa Smith - “Pussycat Dolls”, “Making The Band” credits)

When recruiting SbB Girls in the past, I used to be all over the Hollywood scene, but not so much anymore. When evaluating girls for SbB (we get several submissions now per week), I’m more focused on if I think our readers will enjoy their photos - and want to come back for more.

That’s not to say that Cora, Melissa and Charity haven’t been popular on the site, it’s just that our more recent crop of girls have been wildly popular with users.

SbB Girl Charity Shea

(SbB Girl Charity Shea - starred opposite Justin Timberlake in “Alpha Dog”)

And like I said earlier this week, I hope to put out some calendars, posters and wallpapers of our most popular girls before the year is out (God knows, we’ve had thousands of requests over the years). Let me know your feedback or ideas on that sort of thing.

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER notes today that Dennis Rodman, Dustin Diamond, Butterbean and Danny Bonaduce will take part in CMT’s upcoming reality series, “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.”

Hulk Hogan And Hottie

I highly doubt any of that will happen, since there’s no way such an event would ever take place without Jose Canseco’s participation.

More breaking news out of Miami today about Bill Parcells and Jason Taylor (actually, it’s not all that interesting, I just wanted an excuse to post the below pic).

Bill Parcells Fatty Golf

(Casting for New Line Cinemas’ much-anticipated Colin Montgomerie biopic)

Parcells and Taylor have FINALLY had a face-to-face. And no, sign language was not a requirement.

Ethan Skolnick of the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL: “The meeting came after Parcells spoke to local print reporters individually during a promotional appearance for Gatorade at Bayfront Park in Miami. In breaking a two-month media silence, Parcells told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that reports of a rift between himself and Taylor were “overblown.”

Now for the real reason Parcells kissed and made up with Taylor - it was a great kickoff to the team’s social networking site!

I heard on Miami sports radio yesterday some hosts saying that you “have to believe” Bill Parcells’ hearing aid story. Really? Ask Arthur Blank about that. And Hugh Culverhouse. And the New York Giants.

The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION finally has the info I’ve been looking for when it comes to the Evander Holyfield deadbeat-dad situation.

Holyfield has been accused of not making some measly child support payments, which I found quizzical considering the ungodly amount of money he’s surely accrued during his career.

The AJC has the specific figures: “His fight purses since he turned professional in 1984 have totaled roughly $248 million, including $34 million for his 1997 rematch with Mike Tyson.

So what the hell happened to all that cash?

Building an 109-room mansion south of Atlanta might have something to do with it. Child support payments for nine children? That could factor in.

And this from the AJC: “Sizable investments in a recording label and Christian television network — the Black Family Channel based in Atlanta — both soured.

“Sizable” probably means bankrolling the entire operations. Where’s Bob Johnson when you need him?

I had no idea that Adobe just rolled out a new version of Photoshop:

Serena Williams


Barry Jackson dumps this into his media notes column today in the MIAMI HERALD: “Dan Le Batard signed a three-year deal to remain with 790 The Ticket.

That’s it? One sentence? Le Batard is on leave from the paper as top sports columnist, and his radio show is a Miami must-listen. You wonder why that news didn’t get more play from his home paper - and/or Jackson.

Or perhaps that’s a reflection of how Jackson feels about Dan. I’m guessing the latter.

What happens when you trade Kevin Garnett? You watch him play in the NBA Finals the next year, and are reduced to paying a radio station $2,000 per game to air your game broadcasts.

Larry Coker still can’t get a job as a coach.

Let me get this straight. The newspapers in Detroit and Cleveland aren’t staffing the NBA Finals, but Spain sent 27 media members to cover it (I know, Pau, but 27)?

That news doesn’t tell me that American print media is dying, it tells me that the newspapers in those towns are sorely mismanaged. Let me guess: “It’s the internet’s fault!”

Richard Sandomir of the NEW YORK TIMES reports that NBC Sports’ Tom Hammond and Lakers radio announcer Spero Dedes are “among the candidates being considered to replace Bryant Gumbel as the NFL Network’s lead announcer.

Dedes has been a good hire for the Lakers, especially since he’s often adept at covering for his low-energy partner, Mychal Thompson. Dedes is upbeat and not afraid to give an opinion - and it’d be nice to hear a new, fresh voice on NFL telecasts.

I laugh when I hear everyone always lauding Hammond. He solid, but he’s just a guy. Your opinion of him really depends on who he’s partnered with. Throw a trainwreck like Bill Maas around his neck and I wonder what people would say about his PBP.

Judd Zulgad of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE writes today that Flip Saunders may wind up as a NBA TNT game analyst: “(the) logical landing place would be TNT — especially if analyst Doug Collins is hired” by the Bulls.

One problem with that theory. Collins probably now isn’t going to get the gig after he leaked his probable hiring to the media to gain momentum for the job.

Speaking of TNT, how much do you miss that network’s NBA coverage during the league’s Finals? From the studio set to the courtside booth, ABC/ESPN’s coverage is a shadow of what TNT has to offer. It’s so obvious that it’s becoming downright embarrassing.

Dan Arritt of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has a sorta bizarre piece today about the WNBA’s Candace Parker.

Arritt claims in the story that Parker’s “player page on received more views during the first week of the season than any NBA player that week, with the exception of Kobe Bryant.

I wonder where Arritt got that statistical traffic data? Could it have been the NBA - which has been trying to propagandize the popularity of the women’s league for lo’ these many years?

Arritt also has this gem: “Now, not quite three weeks into her WNBA career, Parker already has boosted the league’s popularity to its highest level and placed herself on the fringe of Hollywood celebrity status. When she makes her home debut tonight against the defending champion Phoenix Mercury at Staples Center, she will have played in five consecutive road sellouts, a first for any franchise.”

First off, those games were most likely home openers for the team’s Parker played against, so they would’ve been highly attended anyway. Second, the WNBA never papers the house and makes up attendance figures. Third, a WNBA player is a “fringe” Hollywood celebrity? Great! Maybe she can help Ronny Turiaf get into the clubs!

Very sad. The NBA is still trying to pretend the WNBA is a legitimate, mainstream sports enterprise. Can you imagine what David Stern could’ve done with the hundreds of millions the league has thrown down that rat hole?

First thing he could’ve done with the dinero was provide every NBA *fan* who attended the league’s All-Star weekend in Vegas two years ago with tip money. Then we could’ve had the midseason game in Vegas every year! But of course, not now.

Finally, we’ve had a recent spate of baseball fights. But none are even close to this (via Kevin Rogers at WAXY-AM in Miami):

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