Brog: Bon Jovi Paid Nothing For MLB Performance

Got into New York City Saturday night, just missing the MLB-sponsored Bon Jovi show in Central Park. The real count for the show from The Great Lawn was about 50,000. And a source tells me that putting on the show cost MLB $8 million, with none of it going to Bon Jovi himself! So why was MLB VP Bob Watson on trash detail the next morning? (OK, we made up the last part.)

Bon Jovi MLB concert central park

(The Great Lawn was the only green this man seen Saturday night)

I’ve also heard that Monsieur Jovi, despite his AFL Philly Soul making Arena Bowl, is still hoping to sell the team in short order.

Sunday I spent most of the day shooting a new SbB Girl in Central Park - in insufferable 90 degree heat. I then had the good sense to follow that up by ingesting what seemed like a metric ton of prime rib at Ben Bensons steakhouse.

So I’m pretty much wrecked at the moment. (Yes, there’s worse things, I’m fully aware.)

MLB Dot Com Party

( party? Sure that’s a great ratio. Right.)

Tonight I’ll be focusing on what interests me most in New York. No, not the ARod-less home run derby borefest, but a party hosted by a very high profile MLBer with a gaggle of models set to attend. Much more on that later.

And Tuesday we’ll have a live blog for you from inside Yankee Stadium.

The new SbB Girl? Her first photos will be published in August. We actually have two new SbB Girls on the way next month.

Finally, I walked through Times Square today and didn’t really see anything about the all star game. No billboards, signs, people handing out Dick Williams-endorsed prostate massagers. But I did see this:

Mario Lopez Chorus Line

What’s next for Mario, synchronized swimming?