British Cyclist Bares All in Powerade Ad Campaign

British Olympian Rebecca Romero won a silver medal in rowing in the 2004 Athens Games. Now, after having taken up cycling two years ago as a training tool, she’s a top female rider and is looking to become the first Britain to win medals in more than one sport.

Rebecca Romero British Olympic cyclist

But that’s probably not why most people will find her so … shall we say, “compelling”? Posing nude for a sports drink company might have something to do with it.

(Provocative photo after the jump.)

British Olympic cyclist Rebecca Romero

That’s Romero, naked as a jaybird, posing on her bike. THE DAILY MAIL reports that it’s part of a marketing campaign for Powerade UK featuring Romero and two other British Olympic athletes posing au naturale for a leading fashion photographer. But in fair warning, the two other athletes are male.

If the people who run the Tour de France want to save their sport, they would do well to use this as an example: get rid of all the EPO-enhanced male riders and replace them with nude female riders. Although I don’t know what you would do with the yellow jersey.

And why is Powerade only doing this campaign in the UK? I guess Americans don’t want to, in the words of their spokesperson, “see the real make-up of an athlete and their muscle and power“. I’d like to see more of the “muscle and power” of, say, Jennie Finch, even if a few softballs or mitts need to be conveniently placed in the shot.