Brian Kelly Reports Cincinnati House Was Egged

Notre Dame Football Coach Brian Kelly Tweeted this today from his Cincinnati home:

Brian Kelly House Egged

(Kelly’s Cincy Exit? Far From (Over) Easy)

Kelly returned to Cincinnati this weekend after being introduced as Notre Dame coach last Friday.

Based on the nature of Kelly’s abrupt departure as Univ. of Cincinnati Coach to Notre Dame in the same capacity, I doubt this news surprises anyone. In fact, a Bearcat football player foretold the possibility of a local backlash on the day Kelly announced to the team he was leaving for Notre Dame.

UC football player Mardy Gilyard said of Kelly having security guards at the Bearcats football banquet on the night he announced he was exiting as Cincinnati coach:

He never had any security like that before. I mean he already won Coach of the Year before, so all that security wasn’t necessary. I think he was worried about what was going to go on with the city and the fans if anything.

I suppose you can understand the displeasure of UC fans, but there’s absolutely no excuse for vandalizing a man’s home. You wonder if this will cause Kelly to get out of that house that much sooner and off to a permanent residence in South Bend.