Brian Bosworth Helps To Rescue Trapped Woman

Former Oklahoma University and Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth made one of the biggest plays of his life Saturday in Canada. It didn’t have anything to do with football, but as MDS at Fanhouse points out The Boz is a hero.

Brian Bosworth Helps Rescue Woman After Car Accident

Brian Bosworth and his son were headed to the Winnipeg airport after a fishing trip when they came across a car accident. Bosworth spoke about what he found when he stopped.

“I happened to tail in on the backside and there were ambulances and a fire truck. It looked like she rolled at least two or three times because the car ended up facing the opposite direction of oncoming traffic, upside down in the ditch.”

“She could have stayed there for hours behind a bunch of weeds. Her car was hidden … . She was very fortunate they got to her so quickly. Her car was crushed.”

The paramedics asked Bosworth to carry some equipment down to the other workers where Brian realized the situation was dire.

“She was in shock and in pain and we couldn’t really move her. Her legs were pinned. We had to cut the steering wheel off. She was screaming every time we moved her. It took five or six guys to get her into the ambulance. “

Say what you will about the guy’s NFL and acting careers, but you can’t knock Brian Bosworth’s heart. Most people would have driven by rubbernecking instead of trying to help. This will now be the number two thing that Bosworth is known for because number one can never be replaced.