Brian Bosworth Busted For DUI - On His Harley

It’s midnight on Thursday, you’ve been drinking and you know you have no license on your Harley, so what to do?

Brian Bosworth

If you’re Brian Bosworth, you ride your hog down Hollywood Blvd.


Former college football star — and NFL bust — Brian Bosworth was pulled over for a DUI last night … on his Harley!

Cops pulled over The Boz on Hollywood Blvd. for not having a license plate on his bike, but detected alcohol on his breath. He failed the breathalyzer and was arrested and taken into custody at about 3:00 AM. We’re told he was very cooperative.

He is currently being held on $5,000 bail.

He’s still in the can? I’m guessing Bosworth has the resources to bail himself out, but perhaps didn’t want to call anyone - figuring he didn’t want people to find out about the arrest.

So long as his friends are and family don’t have internet, watch TV or listen to the radio, he should be just fine.

Brian Bosworth

Let’s just hope his stage adaptation of “Dog, The Bounty Hunter” doesn’t get derailed because of this.

UPDATE: Harley-Davidson’s stock popping today. Thanks Boz!