Braylon Edwards Injures Self In Pickup Basketball

It’s a contract year for Braylon Edwards, and if there’s one constant among professional athletes, it’s that contract years are their best years; one good season can erase years of underperformance and lead to a giant contract (these usually make their way into “severe regret” territory; see Austin Croshere for more). If Edwards’ 2009 is more like his 2007 (1289 yards, 16 TDs) than his 2008 (873 yards, 3 TDs, 1 seriously pissed off city of Cleveland), then it’s money time, chocos!

Braylon catch
(Braylon actually making a catch, meaning this was probably from 2 years ago.)

So it stands to reason that Braylon should want to start the contract year off on the right foot, especially with a new coach with a penchant for controversy. Nothing but good decisions from here on out, right? Oh, but he’s got an “undisclosed injury.” Um, what? Say, there’s the fantastic Cleveland blog WAITING FOR NEXT YEAR. We could ask them. And they’re… shaking their head sadly.

This can’t be good:

So he may be in great mental condition BUT 2 weeks ago he was at EMH in Avon playing some basketball and twisted his ankle, it may just be a precaution but he was then at the movie theater on Saturday in an air cast when I saw him so yet another little injury for him….

That’s from a commenter of theirs who stands by his claim. Oy.

Without looking at Edwards’ contract, there’s no way to tell if he was in breach of his contract by playing ball. Our guess is probably not, since he was also taking batting practice with the Cleveland Indians recently, making that Activity #325,121,969,342 in “Things Pro Athletes Get To Do That You Can’t.” That’s a lot of things.

Nonetheless, it’s just another headscratcher from #17, the type of thing that can derail the beginning of a season. And “the hunky QB,” Brady Quinn, doesn’t need that. He’s got too many other things to worry about. Things like flexing, having his shirt off, manscaping. Let your quarterback preen, Braylon. Don’t ruin this for him.

Brady Quinn
(Hey, it makes him feel good. Who are we to judge?)