Bowden “Doubts” FSU Revival Under His Watch

Bobby Bowden’s had a good run, but it looks like he’s about to hit his breaking point. After yesterday’s 45-15 loss to Florida that featured an angry Tebow, the Seminoles finished their eighth consecutive season that will see them finish outside of the national top ten.

Emeral Bowl Trophy Bobby Bowden

(Get used to winning this trophy, ‘Noles fans)

And while Bowden has always spoken his mind, a seemingly off-the-cuff remark made after yesterday’s game might indicate that Bobby’s coaching career might be winding down. Why else would he say that FSU’s “revival” isn’t likely to happen under his watch?

NOLESPORTS.COM points out that the program is turning things around, at least from the 7-6 seasons the ‘Noles had in 2006 and 2007. But this is a school that finished 14 consecutive seasons in the top five of the polls, and trips to the Emerald Bowl aren’t exactly what they’re looking for.

Bowden, perhaps exhausted by the struggle against lofty expectations, just laid it all out there when talking about FSU reclaiming a spot among college football’s elite:

“Somebody’ll see it. It might happen when I’m here — but I doubt it. I don’t know.”

FSU fans are fiercely loyal to Bowden and largely refrain from criticizing him, but even the hardiest of supporters can’t ignore this quote. Bobby’s heart just doesn’t seem to be in it anymore.

What would be more revealing, though, is whether or not Bowden thinks designated successor Jimbo Fisher is the one who will bring the ‘Noles back to glory.